Movement Consistency


Movement Consistency

We all have different goals in fitness and movement is the piece that connects all of our goals together. Movement is how we get from A to B, it’s how we pick up our kids, how we lift a 1RM over our head, how we get out of bed in the morning, how we stand from a seated position; above all, it’s how we coordinate the different parts of our anatomy to complete a chosen task. No matter what you strive to become better in, movement is the foundation.

The fitness goal that you have set for yourself is rooted in very basic human movement, don’t get it mixed up. When you see an Olympic Lifter snatch your 1RM deadlift or a gymnast hold an Iron Cross, it’s not because they trained the snatch at peak loads everyday or held the rings in seemingly impossible positions without fail, it’s because they devoted their time and energy to learning the basics. They became experts in performing the basics, let’s call them Basics Experts, which laid out a foundation for their abilities to climb higher and higher.

Another piece that goes along with this idea of becoming a “Basics Expert” is consistency. You have to know how to complete the movement and you have to perform the movement over and over and over again until it gets boring. You may begin to question why it’s necessary, but you know that it’s for the sole purpose of laying out your foundation. While others are speeding past you and going straight toward the flashy moves, you stay your course and practice the basics a little while longer. Even Kobe Bryant stayed after practice to shoot free throws, even as a professional.

The tallest buildings start as a stable foundation.

So next time you do an air squat, a jump, the land after the jump, a deadlift, single unders, box push ups, pull ups, your entire warm up, anything that involves movement, think about how it’s laying down your foundation and how that is one in the same with your goal.