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We are a strong community of like-minded individuals looking to lead fit and healthy lifestyles. We take pride in offering a safe, familial, and supportive atmosphere to stay motivated, encouraged, and working hard towards your fitness goals. Whether you are visiting for the day or you are a regular member, one of the perks of joining the Tribe is the support of the best coaches and staff. It doesn’t hurt that we also have the largest cheering section around!

To put it simply, we are all about FAMILY! As your new fitness family, we are personally invested in your success. We are more than just a gym. We are ONE Tribe. We are TRIBE STRONG!

Other gyms say that their community it what sets them apart from all the other gyms. However, we believe that our community completely redefines the meaning of that word for many people.  We truthfully think of everyone at Tribe as our extended family and a place that many can people call their second home (in some cases their first home)!  Because starting out a new gym and taking the first steps to getting fit is intimidating enough, we always strive to make Tribe a place where everyone feels welcome, including your own families!  We have programs for everyone: kids, teens, adults, and even seniors (Coming Soon! Tribal Elders).   If you are looking for a place to get fit AND find a real community of like-minded individuals, come give Tribe a try!  We promise you won’t walk away…ever!

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is about FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT. That is, the movements we teach are all intended to improve your quality of life for years to come. CrossFit improves all aspects of fitness rather than just focusing on limited areas of it. Because of this, the CrossFit methodology is a very efficient and safe method of improving your health and fitness.

Tribal Law

LAW #1


LAW #2

I WILL DO MY BEST to always arrive early for class.

LAW #3

I WILL BE FRIENDLY and welcoming to both new and old members.

LAW #4

I WILL LEAVE MY EGO at the door, listen and let the coaches coach.

LAW #5

I WILL BE VIRTUOUS in all my movements.

LAW #6

I WILL ALWAYS PUSH MYSELF and support my fellow TribAthletes.

LAW #7

I WILL LEAVE NO TRIBATHLETE BEHIND. When I am finished working out, I will continue to cheer and support my fellow TribAthletes until they are done with the workout.

LAW #8

I WILL CLEAN UP after myself.

LAW #9

I WILL TREAT MYSELF LIKE AN ATHLETE. Proper Diet, Mobilization, and Rest are PRIORITIES to me—not afterthoughts.


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