Allison squires

I am a mother of 3. I have earned a certificate as a CrossFit level 1 trainer and a certificate in CrossFit’s specialty course: Gymnastics.

I was introduced to CrossFit through my sister at the start of 2013. She had converted her garage into a gym, and was stronger than ever so I wanted in. CrossFit garage style is where I grew as an athlete and was all I knew until October 2017 when I was introduced to Tribe. I quickly realized how unique Tribe is and how fortunate I was to become a part of it. Then one day while at the box a wise man asked me if I had ever considered coaching and here we are.

As your coach I will teach and guide you to the best of my ability and I will be there to support and push you when things get tough. I want to help you become your strongest version of you. Bottom line, there is no denying the health benefits involved with this crazy CrossFit thing we do or the way it makes us feel and I am very passionate about that. CrossFit changes lives and I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the fitness of my fellow Tribe athletes.