An Application of Success


An Application of Success

It’s a powerful thing to imagine success. Not just in a fleeting glimpse, but through a real meditative effort (if you want to skip the motivational speech and get right to application, scroll to the end).

Success is a persistent grind that needs constant tending to. It breeds more failure than it actually breeds success, which can be a conundrum for the pursuer. This one simple fact is the largest separator in the art of being successful. You pursue success but you reach failure, over and over and over again. It’s easy to feel like a failure in that process and it is far more difficult to feel a sense of satisfaction. How can you feel satisfaction through failure?

The mindset you attach to your process will dictate far more than the process itself. You may have the most detailed and well thought out plan. You could follow in the footsteps of someone who has made the mistakes and warned you of the same. You might even have a perfect blueprint for how to approach your goal. But the deciding factor will always be your mindset.

This is why you praise stories of people who came from nothing and now have everything. This is why movies are made about people who didn’t have it easy and were able to make something of themselves. They didn’t have a blueprint. The odds weren’t in their favor. They overcame failures that would make 99% of people quit, but they never gave up. They had 100% mindset even in the absence of a blueprint to success.

So, how do you feel satisfaction through failure? By being patient. By setting your mind to the goal you live for. By failing, more than the person next to you. By getting up, more times than the person next to you. Once you believe in the process, which will be difficult and make you question yourself, failure and success will start to become one. Success gives delayed satisfaction and failure is merely there to challenge whether you really want it. So to answer the question: YOU FEEL SATISFACTION BY PUSHING THROUGH FAILURE.


1.     Identify a moment when you can turn your mind off (brushing your teeth, eating a meal alone, driving to work, etc.).

2.     In these moments, pick something you wish to be successful in (short-term or long-term), and just imagine what that looks like. Imagine what it feels like. Imagine what it will take to make it a reality.

3.     You will likely imagine very difficult situations, this is good. Think about overcoming those situations, in more than one way, multiple times.

4.     Once the moment is gone, proceed through your day until the next moment comes, then do it again!


“Success is a persistent grind that needs constant tending to.”

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