Daryn and Dash’s Baby Shower WOD


Daryn and Dash’s Baby Shower WOD

Tribe Functional Fitness – CrossFit

Worth the Weight (No Measure)

Within 25 minutes With a Partner:

15 -Pregnant sit ups (hold wallball against your belly sit ups)

-Partner holds hollow position

12 -Pick up the baby (med ball cleans)

-Partner holds an air squat

9 -Jump out of bed for crying baby (burpees to plank position)

-Partner holds plank

1 -Push the stroller (box sled push w/ wall ball)

Partners alternate
1 partner does work while other partner holds a static position. THEN they switch.

I.e 1 partner does medball sit ups while other partner holds hollow position. Then they switch roles. After completed they move to med ball cleans etc etc.