Monday 1/21


Monday 1/21


Spend 8 Minutes on Calves and Ankles.

Spend 8 Minutes on Lats and Shoulders (refer to purple mobility WOD posters, banded stretches, foam rolling, lacrosse)


2×10 single arm DB strict press (each)

Follow the tempo of faster up/slower down (lift fast, lower slower). Second set should be heavy


5 Minutes of Double Under Practice

Lv1 (0-15 rep range): Practice stringing more reps together

Lv2 (15-50 rep range): Pick a challenging but doable number and try to hit consistent sets

Lv3 (50+ rep range): Work on FAST double unders (2 reps every second)


5min EMOM:

10 DB Power Snatch AFAP (50/35)(35/20)(20)

15sec HollowBody Hold (or Rocks)

Practice switching DB in front of face during the Power Snatches. If Hollow Body Hold isn’t challenging enough, perform Hollow Body Rocks.