mike salvanera

What I enjoy most about CrossFit and coaching is seeing people progress. It’s amazing what the human body can do with proper guidance. It is rewarding to see an athlete do what they thought they couldn’t. In regards to Weightlifting, the Snatch and Clean & Jerk are quite intimidating to the novice athlete. For me, if I can help an athlete get over their fear of picking up a barbell while also having them move in a safe and efficient manner, then I know I’m doing my job as their coach.

CrossFit/Weightlifting has affected my life by making me more conscious of my health decisions. Diabetes and Heart Disease run in my family and I feel that by being active in CrossFit/Weightlifting, hopefully I can avoid those 2 things affecting me. Another way CrossFit/Weightlifting has affected my life is by influencing me to change my career. Because of CrossFit/Weightlifting, I have decided to go back to school to pursue a career in Physical Therapy to further my understanding of the human body.


CrossFit Level 1

USAW Level 1 Sport Performance


CrossFit Coach since 2012


Snatch Better Seminar (Waxman's Gym)

Clean & Jerk Seminar (Waxman's Gym)

Art & Science of Coaching Weightlifting, Biomechanics (Waxman's Gym)

Mobility for Weightlifting Seminar (Waxman's Gym)