Mike Trinidad


Mike Trinidad



I started back in March of 2010. I received my CF-L1 cert at CrossFit Marina. I began coaching at CrossFit Orange County in San Clemente followed by CrossFit Proper in Corona to my new CrossFit home CrossFit Tribe. Ever since the beginning, I fell in love coaching CrossFit. I believe that the remedy for many common disabilities is simple functional movement. I love being able to teach people how to move better, effectively, and efficiently. Not only in CrossFit, but in their daily lives as well. My all-time favorite quote from a truly great coach:

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” –John Wooden

Always be prepared in life because you never know what obstacles will come your way.

Why do I love Tribe?

  1. Seeing progress
    • I love seeing the progress of our Members/Athletes through their duration at Tribe. Although everyone has different backgrounds EVERYONE has the SAME goals when they come into the gym, which is to be better than they were.
  2. Teamwork/camaraderie
    • Being a better individual/athlete at Tribe can never be done alone. Having positive people all around helps build one another by developing teamwork and camaraderie by never finishing workouts alone. Although our members may finish workouts at different times, every class finishes as one Tribe
  3. Family
    • I have been involved as a CrossFit Coach at various gyms (CrossFit Orange County and CrossFit Proper). Although it was difficult and heartbreaking to leave my previous gym (CrossFit Proper), I was welcomed with open arms and I felt like I was back home with Family again. Tribe has always made me feel like family since I walked through their doors in Hawaiian Gardens. Good times and bad, Tribe has been there to support my family and I. Just as family should. That’s why I love my Tribe


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • CrossFit Coach since 2010