Thursday 1/31


Thursday 1/31

There are four portions below (Recovery, Strength, Skill and Conditioning). Priority will always be recovery. If time is slim, pick ONE of the other pieces to complete (the one you need to work on most). Use the comments section to post your work.

REMINDER: Class is on Sunday 2/3 at 10:15am


Spend 15 minutes recovering hips, quads, hamstrings, calves, and/or ankles (banded stretches, foam rolling, lacrosse ball, etc.)

*If you have questions or need recommendations, please contact me.


2 sets of 15 strict press AHAP (As Heavy As Possible)


A: 2min AMRAP: Double Unders

Rest 2min,

B: Part A Double Under Reps for Time


3-4 sets:

8 TNG Power Snatch (Touch-N-Go)

*Does not need to be heavy

*Focus on snatch cycling efficiency and breathing, refer to video below for tips