2018 Tribathletes

Our Tribathletes are extraordinary people we are proud to call family.


2018 Tribathletes

Our Tribathletes are extraordinary people we are proud to call family.

Every month, since the day we first opened, we have been nominating Tribathletes and posting their profiles and Q&A's on our website. We are proud of our Tribe and ll those who call our Tribe home and we want to show them off to the world. They are the best of us. They're just like you!!! The ranks of our Tribathletes are filled with mothers, fathers, college athletes, accountants, teachers, professional paint ball players, firemen, students, teens, to just name a few. They are not necessarily our best athletes, nor are they our most vocal. They're not always our strongest, fastest, or most well conditioned.

Our Tribathletes are our inspiration. They are inspiration. They are the best example of what our Tribe is about and they are the light that shines our way and sustains our mission.

We are honored to present our Tribathletes....

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Eddie Perez

Eddie Perez

The first TribAthlete of 2018 is Eddie Perez!  The growth we have seen in Eddie over the last year and a half has been wonderful to watch!  When he came to us, Eddie was already a fairly fit individual.  However, he came to us with a great mentality and desire to learn and grow as an athlete and person.  As a dedicated teacher, coach and father, Eddie exemplifies complete virtuosity in all that he does, and the work he does in the gym is no exception!  Most people would shy away from the things that they aren’t good at, but Eddie has tackled these things head on!  For example, Eddie had a very hard time with this overhead squat mobility which made snatching a challenge for him, but he has completely made it his goal to work on it until it is no longer a weakness for him!  He is a great to example for all his fellow TribAthletes, but most importantly his son! We commend you Eddie! Congratulations and keep going Tribe Strong!


When did you start with Tribe Functional Fitness?
1 ½ Years ago

How/why did you choose to CrossFit?
Two summers ago, I signed up for a Spartan Race. Mariza Besina (former TribAthlete of the Year) told me that on Sundays, coach Joe Santos did specific workouts for that. When training those Sundays, I saw Mariza & Jay workout with barbells. I was so astonished and amazed with the things they were doing with the barbell and with plated weights. I saw them and other OG Tribers like Peeps & Fritz doing things that I wish I could do some day. Few months after completing the Spartan race, that astonishment became curiosity. So, I went for it and haven’t stopped since.

What is your favorite thing about Tribe Functional Fitness?
Hands down, the family community feeling. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is so helpful, kind, and has each other’s back! It doesn’t matter CrossFit experience, profession, age, & background.  The Tribe family is amazingly supportive; the true meaning of Ohana!

What role have your family/friends played in your CrossFit journey?
My son (Noah) has motivated me to be the best me. I’m a much better dad when I take time for self and relieve the stress or daily life circumstances in a healthy way. He understands this and for the most part, and I take him with me when I can. It was such an amazing feeling having him support me on 17.3 of the CrossFit Open, I heard his voice yelling, “Come on Dad, you got this!”, and I was able to muster the inner strength to do more Muscle-ups than I probably would have done, if he wasn’t there. Sonia Rodriquez has been very supportive as well, understanding that I need this outlet.  Lastly,  Rhonda Foster has helped me a lot on this journey as well.

Person I respect/admire?
(Coach) Bobby because of his qualities = humble, knowledgeable, subtle coaching style, work ethics, and just a cool dude!

(Members) Too hard to choose, because I respect and admire everyone at Tribe, but if it’s a must that I pick one, it would be Anthony Olvera. With his busy schedule and being a dad of two, he is always putting in is limited time at the box to improve his CrossFit movements. He is very supportive of other members, including myself, and gives me the confidence at times when it’s not at an all-time high. He loves his kiddos just like I love my little man, and I respect his relationship with them. He is also just a cool kat & admirable dad. Even though he likes the Clippers :-/  

Favorite WOD/Skill?
Squat Snatch

Least favorite WOD or skill (your “Goat”)?
Double Unders - I got rhythm but not with the rope. I bought over 4 different ropes and tried all the color ropes at Tribe, none of them work

Biggest challenge so far (in CrossFit or nutrition)?
My mom is the best cook!  When I decided to commit to Paleo, it was such a challenge going over there for breakfast or dinner. Her homemade tortillas, burritos, or Mexican rice are off the hook. I so miss her traditional home cooked meals. But she is so awesome that she makes me Paleo friendly dishes. Blessed

Proudest accomplishment so far (in CrossFit or nutrition)?
CrossFit = Open CrossFit RX division & The Frogman Challenge  
Nutrition = 3 ½ Years Sober

Best experience at part of TFF?
The box put us in teams for the CrossFit Open. I will never forget the experience of how supportive everyone was. I was scared because it was intimidating, but the family helped me throughout the events. Even people on other teams gave each other advice on how to survive the different workouts.  That was so refreshing.

Favorite quote or motto?
When the world says “give up.” Hope whispers, “try it one more time.”

When you think it’s tough, difficult or impossible, what keeps you going?
To be honest, it has been difficult lately. I have been pushing 50 hour work weeks with teaching & coaching high school. But I know there are people at Tribe that have draining schedules as well, and they don’t make excuses. They keep me going. There has not been one time that I left the box and said, “that was a waste of time.” 

I do pray every day and come closer to God especially when things get very difficult. He keeps me going. I prayed so much in the last Open during some of the workouts because I thought I was going to literally die. I believe His grace & mercy has brought me to where I am at today. Impossible, being in a dark and vicious cycle for a long time, thought it was impossible to get self out of the many years of pain/destruction. Jesus’s love pulled me out and made it possible to this day.

What’s in store for your fans?  Future goals?
Soak City 2018!!!!

Future goals:
1) Continue on this path of staying clean and sober.
2) Place top 10 in 40–45 year old, teacher, California division in the 2018 CrossFit OPEN
3) Squat Snatch 135 lbs.
4) Double Unders
5) Be the best version of me :)