Tuesday 2/5


Tuesday 2/5

There are four portions below (Recovery, Strength, Skill and Conditioning). Priority will always be recovery. If time is slim, pick ONE of the other pieces to complete (the one you need to work on most). Use the comments section to post your work.

REMINDER: Class is on Sunday 2/10 at 10:15am


Spend 15 minutes recovering hips, quads, hamstrings, calves, and/or ankles (banded stretches, foam rolling, lacrosse ball, etc.)


2 sets of 15 Deadlifts

*First set at 60% 1RM then increase for second set


Handstand Push Ups

Lv1: Practice kicking up to the wall consistently/accumulate 2-3min in handstand hold

Lv2: Practice kip efficiency, accumulate consistent sets across 30 reps

Lv3: Practice hitting Open standard reps under fatigue (ie: 60 reps for time)


EMOM for as long as possible: (53/35)(35/26)

2 KB Front Squats (L)

2 KB Push Press (L)

2 KB Front Squats (R)

2 KB Push Press (R)

Next minute is 4 reps each, then 6 reps each, etc. adding 2 reps until work required is not met within 60sec

*The L/R can be interchangeable, start the minute with your non-dominant side